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Shawnee Citizen Requests
Posted on Jan 19, 2020
Wish the city would post a speed limit sign or paint a crosswalk in a high-speed area? Think a neighborhood area needs another street light? Click here to go to the city website where citizens can make such requests.
Minutes of Board Meetings
Posted on Dec 24, 2019
The latest minutes of recent meetings of the Board of Directors have been posted. They are found under Meeting Minutes and are also linked here.
Recycling Guide
Posted on Apr 21, 2019
The biggest problem facing recycling right now is contamination, which is when residents put non-recyclable items in their recycling bins. Contaminated recycling streams lead to higher trash and recycling fees for our neighborhood. Understanding what to recycle — and what not to — is critically important.
Please refer to the Recycle More, Recycle Better recycling guide, which shows what is and is not recyclable in our curbside bins. Check it out here. You might also consider printing it and posting it in your home.
City of Shawnee Service Requests
Posted on Aug 29, 2016
The City of Shawnee is partnering with SeeClickFix to provide faster and more convenient options for  citizens to submit service requests. For missing stop signs or traffic signals that are not operating properly, submit them using the SeeClickFix form or contact Police Dispatch at (913) 631-2150. For odor complaints, submit them online using the SeeClickFix form or call (913) 742-6096.
Recycle Your Glass
Posted on Aug 29, 2016
Recycling your glass is recommended to ensure glass does not contribute to the filling of our landfills. Help us help the environment by dropping off your glass at one of the three Ripple Glass bins located throughout the City of Shawnee.
  • Johnson County Landfill, 17955 Holliday Drive
  • Metcalf Bank, 15100 W. 67th Street
  • Price Chopper, 22210 West 66th Street
Visit for more information.